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January 2016

I Am Not Cool

The schools I attended were small private Christian schools. I don’t remember having trouble making friends, but I was not popular. I’m pretty sure that I tried to remain as anonymous as possible. I participated in three activities: choir, cheerleading,... Continue Reading →


I was pregnant twice in 2010. I was quite excited about the first pregnancy because the due date was my birthday. I suffered through morning sickness at work (ugh!). But something went wrong. The sickness dissipated early. The baby stopped... Continue Reading →

Mom Regret

I feel like I have done one of my children a disservice.


I’ve always felt like a weirdo. Throughout my school years, I was not interested in what was popular with my friends. My girl friends were into boys, make-up, fashion, and a certain type of music. I tried to be interested,... Continue Reading →

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