By the Power of…

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

My power would be the ability to generate and manipulate energy. I’d supercharge myself with lightning during storms. I envision myself being able to create spheres of energy in the palms of my hands, generate protective force fields, and produce tiny electrical charges by rubbing my fingers together.  I would probably not be a hero. I’d be a vigilante. A petty vigilante. Customer service representative with a bad attitude and a smart mouth? ZAP! Class bully tripping my son in the hallway? ZAP! ZAP! Driver behind me who is all up in my back seat because I’m going the customary seven miles over the speed limit and he wants to push me to go even faster? Hit my brakes and ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! Nothing lethal. Just a little jolt to make them think twice next time.

Unfortunately – but probably fortunately, I do not have this ability. When I am wronged, I do not have the option to zap the wrongdoer. I can only choose whether to forgive. Dr. Tony Evans addressed the issue of forgiveness in such a way that I could not ignore his message. According to Dr. Evans, to see if you have forgiven someone you must ask yourself if you are still seeking revenge.


My answer in most cases is that I am not. In one case, I admit that although I am not actively seeking revenge, I am simultaneously anticipating the opportunity to exact revenge and awaiting news that someone else has done the dirty work for me.

Most of the time, I don’t even think about it. Yet there are times when I am haunted by what happened and I must make a conscious effort to choose forgiveness. I know that I cannot function with the weight of the past crushing my chest: the anger, frustration, feelings of betrayal, hopelessness, insecurity… So I decide to forgive in that moment. As soon as those heavy thoughts barrel their way through my mind, I wrestle them into submission.

I may never receive an apology. Nevertheless, I can choose to forgive — and be at peace.