I Miss Boredom

La Vie Est Belle




Sometimes it takes a rough day (or week/month/year) to help me appreciate the little things. There is just something about going through hard times that makes me more sensitive to the beauty in the world. The tight squeeze my son... Continue Reading →


By the Power of…

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? My power would be the ability to generate and manipulate energy. I’d supercharge myself with lightning during storms. I envision myself being able to create spheres of energy in the... Continue Reading →



The first thing we learn about plants is that they require certain things in order to grow – air, water, light, and space. The same is true for people.


I did not sleep well at all last night. In addition to the eight extra thrashing, grasping limbs I normally contend with, I had a frightening dream that left me clutching my children for dear life. I dreamt that I... Continue Reading →

The (Too Much!) Information Age

Once you reach a certain age, the adults in my family stop censoring themselves around you. You become privy to all sorts of information that makes you question everything about the family that you hold dear. A tsunami of hearsay,... Continue Reading →

On Blackness

I’ve always considered myself to be a serious person. I take my relationship with my Creator seriously because He is the source of my life and creativity. I take my relationships with people seriously because I value their lives and... Continue Reading →

It’s Complicated

When most people say, “I was raised in the church.” they do so with an air of pride and a sense of foundation. It’s a badge of honor. Such a declaration implies that the individual knows the difference between right... Continue Reading →

I Am Not Cool

The schools I attended were small private Christian schools. I don’t remember having trouble making friends, but I was not popular. I’m pretty sure that I tried to remain as anonymous as possible. I participated in three activities: choir, cheerleading,... Continue Reading →

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