I Miss Boredom

La Vie Est Belle



Big Little Things

It is difficult to focus on anything when I am involuntarily wearing a thirty-pound toddler necklace. The banalities of stay-at-home parenthood -- simply making it through the day -- tend to overshadow the goal of raising the next generation of... Continue Reading →



Sometimes it takes a rough day (or week/month/year) to help me appreciate the little things. There is just something about going through hard times that makes me more sensitive to the beauty in the world. The tight squeeze my son... Continue Reading →


I was pregnant twice in 2010. I was quite excited about the first pregnancy because the due date was my birthday. I suffered through morning sickness at work (ugh!). But something went wrong. The sickness dissipated early. The baby stopped... Continue Reading →

Mom Regret

I feel like I have done one of my children a disservice.

The Monster

There is nothing like going to a doctor’s appointment to discuss birth control and being politely informed that you are pregnant (again). My husband had two children before we married. We planned to have one together, but that one (The... Continue Reading →

The Distracted Genius

One of my sons, The Genius, has had an individual education plan (IEP) since preschool. His evaluation team report (ETR) indicates autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD). At the end of his year of preschool, the school... Continue Reading →

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